Name Change!

So I’ve decided to change my name! I will be changing my last name from LaVallo to Provost, as I recently got married to Zachary Provost. And I also will be changing my first and middle names from Bonnie Jean to Shanti Piper. Mainly because it just feels right, but oh so many reasons that I’ll be sharing soon. I will begin to change everything over starting immediately and my name will be changed legally after my court date on December 4th, 2020. Thanks for all your support!

Cheers to all from Shanti Piper Provost!

Five Vocal Tips to Instantly Improve your Singing!

#1 Take a bigger breath.

#2 More body support. Don’t just sing from your throat.

#3 Enunciate! Put lots of energy into your words.

#4 Open your mouth more!

#5 Don’t let your voice get stuck. Let your voice be flexible and free.

Voice Activator

Six week program for online entrepreneurs to activate your voice!

Do you dream of growing your online presence? Creating more videos? Instagram stories? Starting a podcast? But you don’t feel completely confident about your voice?? This is the program for you! Let’s dive deep into what’s been holding your voice back and learn techniques to define, refine and project your voice to your ideal audience. This program will activate your voice to share your message online and in-person with clarity and confidence.

Week 1: Assessment, Intentions, Goal Setting
Week 2: Vocal Technique
Week 3: Getting to the Root Issue
Week 4: Diving Deeper through Self-Empathy Exercises
Week 5: Share your Message with Confidence Project
Week 6: Activating your Voice and Being Seen

Program includes:

*6+ hours of live one-on-one coaching with Bonnie LaVallo (regular price $750)
*Personalized recording of vocal exercises to best suit your vocal needs *Personalized recording of a guided meditation to help let go of what has been holding your voice back.

Cost of Program: $550

Email with any questions.

Take Me Over the Ocean

Beautiful song written by Zachary Provost and sung by Studio Owner and Teacher Bonnie LaVallo!

“I See Us Out There” – Written by Zachary Provost performed by ZaBossa

Breath of Life Studios owner and best friends, Zach Provost and Savi Labensart perform Zach’s beautiful song from his new album, Walk that Road. Come see us perform this Saturday March 31st at Hotel Cafe, 8pm show.
$10 at the door or buy online.
Purchase tickets here:

Latest Video recorded at Breath of Life Studios!!

Breath of Life Studios Owner Bonnie LaVallo helps Zach Provost with backing vocals for his beautiful song, Crime of the Century.

New Video from Breath of Life Studios!

Zachary Provost and Bonnie LaVallo sing Zach’s original song ‘Extraordinary Hoops’!